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Products Of The Week


Montreux Jazz Festival Digitizes Archives

Forever ahead of the technological curve, the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival has recently been digitizing its entire archive in conjunction with the Claude Nobs Foundation, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and data specialist HGST.


Roland’s Radical Streaming Event

24 hours, 8 cities, 30-plus products and a slew of performances; Roland’s “The Future. Redefined” online festival had it all. The day-long streaming event in September was built around performances from eight sites around the world—including a five-hour finale...


A&H Adds To Brazilian Country Fest

Country music may have started in the U.S. but it doesn’t stop at the nation’s borders. Case in point: Brazil’s annual Villa Mix festival, held annually in Manaus, Brazill’s massive Sambadrone, features 10 of that country’s top country music...

Gear and Technology

Video: Sontronics ARIA Demo

In this video, Sontronics founder Trevor Coley demonstrates his company’s latest, the ARIA tube cardioid condenser microphone. Sontronics has specifically designed the ARIA as a vocal microphone with careful component selection and purpose-built design details throughout. 


2012 PAR Excellence Awards: The Nominees

August 2012 marks the PAR Excellence Awards’ re-introduction as a Subscriber-voted program, presented by the Editors and Contributors of Pro Audio Review (PAR). Online voting on the list of nominees by PAR print and digital-qualified Subscribers will be open from the mail date of the...