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Recording in a Rolls-Royce

Capturing his latest track in a Rolls-Royce Phantom, UK Grime artist Skepta brings a whole new meaning to 'high-end mobile recording,' but he's not the first person to lay down tracks in a car.

Music, Etc

Music, Etc.: Styx—Atmospheric Reentry

With a vast catalog of albums already in hand and having achieved the commercial success that most bands can only dream of, Styx could have called it a day decades ago with classic albums like The Grand Illusion and...

Music Production

Record Plant Remote Rolls with TASCAM

The Record Plant Remote (RPR) location recording truck has preserved hundreds of important events over the years; recently, recording engineer Kooster McAllister used TASCAM's 48-track X-48 and, 64-track DA-6400 multitrack hard disk recorders to record last year’s edition of...

Music Production

Farmer Takes A Mixer

Emmy Award-winning production sound mixer Simon Farmer used a Sound Devices 442 mixer and 744T recorder for his work on the British drama series, The Enfield Haunting, which earned him and the sound team a 2016 BAFTA Television Craft...

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