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Test Equipment

Product Reviews


In my review-based pursuits, I’ve auditioned most portable PAs (PPAs) currently available in the marketplace: many great ones, some very portable ones, some not-so-portable ones and a lot that fall somewhere within those ideals.


Linear Acoustic, Minnetonka Audio Merge

Lancaster, PA-based Linear Acoustic and Minnesota-based Minnetonka Audio Software have merged, under Linear Acoustic’s parent company The Telos Alliance. Primarily based in Cleveland, OH, the Telos Alliance focuses on research, development, and manufacturing of IP Audio, telephony, and high-performance...


Big Orange Sheep Jazzes Up Brooklyn

When Chris Benham told his girlfriend at the time—now his wife—to look out for the big horn sheep while she was vacationing in Yellowstone Park, poor cellphone reception caused her to mishear what he said.

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