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ALK2 Sequenced Looper: Flash Sale for 48 Hours

Berlin, Germany (May 14, 2018) – is celebrating spring with a 25% off sale for the entire month of May: ALK2, a new paradigm in performing live with loops, is on sale for 149€ (regular price is 199€) until June 1, 2018.

Additionally, the company is running a flash sale for 48 hours only, offering ALK2 for 99€ today and tomorrow, May 14 and 15.

ALK2 has just been updated with several improvements that increase workflow, flexibility, ease of use and stability.

ALK2 is a unique cross between a looper and a sequencer. With ALK2, musicians can control what gets looped, and when — all within the familiar DAW timeline paradigm. Instead of an error-prone series of pedal presses, ALK2 empowers the musician to concentrate on their music, and let the software take care of the operational details.

Users worldwide are enjoying ALK 2 – here is what they say;

“Beautiful! Full sense of the future.” – byby

“With the loop pedal you’re making decisions about the arrangement in the moment, and the cool thing about ALK is it allows you to do that thinking beforehand. You can construct an arrangement that sounds more like a 3-4 minute track but then perform it with looping and with the energy of a live performance.” – Michael Sebastian, User

“Finally feel like I’m free to do whatever I want with looping. It’s like the cage has come off” – Cody, User

“Such an awesome concept! My feeling is that this will be big for solo artists and small bands, especially as it becomes less financially viable to put a band of five people on tour” – Adam Newark, User

ALK2 is available at