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Black Lion Audio Announces Winner of Tony Maserati Autographed Micro Clock MKIII and Ask.Audio Academy Unlimited Access Giveaway

Eric Cox chosen as Black Lion Audio contest winner

Eric Cox chosen as Black Lion Audio contest winner

CHICAGO, IL — Black Lion Audio (BLA), acclaimed manufacturer of professional audio signal processing, converters and other essential audio tools, has announced the winner of its recent giveaway of a BLA Micro Clock MKIII (a $999 value), used and autographed by award-winning audio engineer Tony Maserati. Through a partnership with educational website Ask.Audio, the grand prize winner, Eric Cox of North Charleston, South Carolina, will also receive a one-year unlimited access pass to the Ask.Audio Academy (valued at $120).

The Micro Clock MKIII is a significant redesign of its predecessor, the Micro Clock MKII. Core technological improvements include lower-jitter crystal oscillators, higher-quality galvanic transformer isolation in the signal path, dedicated output drivers with improved isolation, higher-precision signal division, and much heavier noise filtration throughout the circuit. All of this results in a more robust, lower-jitter clock signal than the Micro Clock MKII, with even more desirable harmonics in the clock’s spectral band to impart an undeniable musical quality to the conversion process. GRAMMY®-winning engineer Tony Maserati (Jason Mraz, / Fergie / Black Eyed Peas, Mary J. Blige, David Bowie, 2Pac) commented on the Micro Clock MKIII: “In the world of mixing records, I’ll implement any gear into my system that brings my mixes closer to an approved master, faster. The mixes I’ve been doing with the Micro Clock MKIII have gotten better responses from my clients and make the decision-making process easier for me.” Continues Maserati, “When Black Lion Audio sent me the Micro Clock MKIII, I waited until I had a room full of engineers and producers before plugging it in. In blind testing, the team chose the Micro Clock MKIII over our previous clock. I sat skeptical in the rear of the room. When I finally ventured to the sweet spot and A/B’ed it for myself, it was clear. Black Lion Audio had surprised me. The Micro Clock MKIII produced a better depth of field and increased clarity.”

Giveaway partner Ask.Audio, an Online Learning Platform and Social Education Community featuring tutorial-videos for popular software applications and creative workflow technique, also supplied second and third place prizes of Ask.Audio Academy passes.

Bierdeman states, “We received a lot of positive recognition in recent months. The interest shown, and support from everyone who entered the contest, as well as from Tony Maserati and the general pro audio community, have helped bring Black Lion Audio to the forefront. We congratulate Eric Cox and our other Ask.Audio winners.”

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Photo Caption 1: Shown L-R, Award-winning Engineer Tony Maserati and Black Lion Audio CEO Nate Bierdeman with the 1st place prize of a BLA Micro Clock MKIII used and autographed by Tony Maserati.