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Carl Tatz Design Helps The News Room Make Headlines in Nashville

– New Carl Tatz Design MixRoom™ Opens in Nashville for News Media Composer Tom Snider –

– New Carl Tatz Design MixRoom™ Opens in Nashville for News Media Composer Tom Snider –

– Music composers have unique requirements when it comes to control room design. In this case, both audio and video monitoring needed to be non-fatiguing over long hours of concentration on tracks that are usually highly detailed orchestrations meant for quick impact during news programming. Fingertip-control ergonomics, posture-supportive seating and inspiring well-lit aesthetics were a must –

Nashville, TN: Tom Snider, news media composer for MSNBC, CNBC, FOX and all three major networks – ABC, NBC, and CBS – wanted the same sensation of effortless control in his new studio that he felt while driving his high-performance BMW. The Carl Tatz TEC Award-Winning MixRoom™ featuring the acclaimed PhantomFocus™ System (PFS™) was the obvious choice for Snider after experiencing one of Tatz’s MixRoom facilities in Nashville.

Along with the CTD MixRoom acoustic design featuring the Carl Tatz Signature Series™ acoustic modules by Auralex® and PFS monitoring, The News Room features the new PhantomFocus eChair (engineer’s chair), a custom cockpit console by Sound Construction and Supply, a MixRoom overdub booth, and four 40″ 4K video screens.

Snider comments, “Carl’s MixRoom monitoring environment with the PhantomFocus System is a quantum leap, another dimension in audio with pinpoint timbral and imaging clarity that is ruthlessly accurate – like nothing I have heard anywhere. A studio environment this inspiring is hard to leave at the end of the day.”