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TG Microphone from Chandler Limited and Abbey Road Studios debuts

Chandler Limited and EMI Abbey Road Studios turn mic world’s heads with TG Microphone announcement.

Shell Rock, IA – October 2018… There is no doubt, Chandler Limited, the only company in the world authorized to develop and manufacture the ‘Official Equipment’ of EMI/Abbey Road Studios, is hitting the right notes.

Chandler Limited’s step into the mic world with its ‘instant classic’ REDD Microphone continues with introduction of the TG Microphone to their EMI Abbey Road Studios product line.

The brain-child of Chandler Limited’s Founder and Chief Designer, Wade Goeke, the TG Microphone—following the REDD Microphone—has a unique design and sound, and true to form, the TG Microphone isn’t a clone of any other microphone.

The TG Microphone is a large diaphragm condenser microphone, and as the name implies—features the now legendary TG sound. The TG Mic also incorporates a ‘Dual Tone’ voicing system and on-board NAB/IEC ‘Tape Equalizer,’ that is re-purposed from historic EMI TG12410 transfer (mastering) desks and re-engineered for recording sources.

The TG Microphone’s ‘TG tonality’ is from three internal TG amplifiers, and its larger than solid-state sound is owed to a dedicated PSU rather than traditional phantom power.

Wade Goeke, Chandler Limited Founder and Chief Designer“I and other engineers have often thought of phantom power as a compromise. It is low current and low voltage when compared to tube mics and is not capable of powering high fidelity circuits that could allow a solid-state mic to compete with a tube design. To me this is why solid-state mics often have a smaller and more ‘pinched’ sound. Using an external PSU has allowed us to bypass what we consider all the drawbacks of a solid-state mic design and deliver a microphone that can compete with any topology.”

The TG Microphone‘s versatility comes from the unique ‘Tape Equalizer’ facility—found on the mic body—, itself appropriated and re-engineered  from historic EMI TG12410 mastering consoles. The TG Microphone’s tape equalizer easily allows the recording engineer to sculpt the instrument at source.

Historically, the transfer console’s NAB/IEC—IEC/NAB Tape Equalizer utility was meant to correctly playback tapes printed on machines of differing region standards; playing back a tape recorded to another spec. would not sound correct. Rather than having to recalibrate a tape machine to playback a IEC master on an NAB calibrated machine—or vice versa—the mastering engineer would simply select the appropriate playback speed and tape equalizer setting.

Wade Goeke, Chandler Limited Founder and Chief Designer— “I’m lucky to own one of the TG mastering desks. I often run sources through the desk, not to use the mastering equalizers or compressors, but to use the NAB/IEC EQ that is part of its input section; its passive eq section is a special sound I have not heard in any other device. The more I thought about it the more I realized it would be the perfect thing to add to the TG Microphone, not only because of its beautiful tone, but also the wide array of sounds and flexibility it would add to it. Once we re-tuned each setting for recording purposes—instead of mastering—I realized the mic could easily cover the job of a variety of classic mics, however, with even more girth. Thicker FET47 sound for bass? Simply go to setting 5 in system B, fatter vintage C414eb sound? Go to setting 4 in system A etc…”

Contributing the utility of the TG Microphone is a ‘Dual Tone System.’ Conceptually intended as an alternate voicing function, system ‘A’ is sonically TG mid forward in tone and open, while system ‘B’ is capable of taking extreme SPLs; anywhere a FET47 would find use, the TG Microphone is at home.

A switchable Low-Cut filter (90 Hz or 50 Hz,) and 10 dB PAD are also a part of the feature-set. The mic’s Low-Cut filter—more than a Rumble Filter—, is envisioned to act as an interactive modifier to the microphone’s tape equalizer curves; it adds more sounds available from the mic. The added extension of the TG Microphone’s chameleon like capability to adapt to the source, is like having 5 more sonic possibilities.

During development with EMI / Abbey Road Studios, the famed studios’ audio engineers and technical staff tested the new microphone along-side of some of their historic microphones, and the TG Microphone quickly found favor.

Mirek Stiles, Head of Products, Abbey Road Studios— “I love the sound of this microphone. The hyped tape EQ curves Wade has added really take it to another level. At Abbey Road we compared the TG microphone with some tried and trusted microphone models on all sort of instruments and the TG mic seemed to always come out on top. With so many sound sculpting options I think this microphone offers incredible value, it’s so unique and fun to use. It won’t disappoint.”


Producer, engineer and mixer, Ryan Hewitt was able to put the TG Microphone through its paces during sessions for a major label artist and had this to say— “The new Chandler TG Microphone is totally a modern classic. The different combinations of tape EQ curves, filters and the system A/B switch gave me great versatility in capturing a number of different sources on a recent recording session. I absolutely loved it on electric bass, acoustic guitars, drums and vocals. Any source on which you’d use a classic FET mic, the TG mic just smoked the old standards. The problem is that I need at least four of them!!!”

Producer Dave Cobb is actively experimenting with the TG Microphone and commented— “The TG Microphone is the coolest new mic I’ve heard. I preferred it on guitar over my vintage U67, this was on a small Gretsch combo using tape equalizer setting number ‘5;’ it’s already becoming one of my favorite guitar mics!”

The TG Microphone does not feature an on-board preamp like it’s cousin the REDD Microphone, however, Chandler Limited’s EMI Abbey Road Studios REDD.47 Mic amplifier is an excellent pairing.

What’s included in the TG Microphone set?

TG Microphone, Dedicated PSU, Shockmount, 25’ Mogami microphone cable and wooden microphone case.

To learn more about Chandler Limited’s REDD Microphone visit:

When is the Chandler Limited TG Microphone available for purchase?

The TG Microphone is available for order now.

U.S. street price: $1,849

About Chandler Limited

Headquartered in Shell Rock, Iowa, Chandler Limited, Inc. is a boutique manufacturer of high-end signal processors, mixers, and amplifiers for musicians and audio professionals. Recognized globally for its exquisitely handmade products and the company’s high-profile clientele, Chandler’s product offerings include the Abbey Road/TG line, its unique Germanium transistor series of products, the 500 Series Modules, plus its recently introduced guitar pedals and amplifier. For additional information about all Chandler Limited products, please visit the company online at

About Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios is the most famous recording studios in the world and a global music icon.

Home to countless landmark recordings and pioneering advances in recording technology, the legendary studio complex has a phenomenal history spanning over 80 years, encompassing celebrated work by many of the world’s most famous recording artists including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kanye West, Radiohead, Oasis, Frank Ocean, Lady Gaga and Adele.

Since the score for Raiders of The Lost Ark was recorded at the studios in 1980, Abbey Road has developed into one of the world’s premiere locations for movie scoring. Blockbuster films such as the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, The King’s Speech and Skyfall feature scores recorded there, while recent projects include the Oscar-winning score to Gravity. Additionally, a number of high-profile videogames such as Halo 5 and Call of Duty have recorded in-game music at Abbey Road Studios.

The Studios house a number of state of the art mastering suites. Recent projects mastered or re-mastered by Abbey Road’s award-winning engineers include albums by Ed Sheeran, Queen, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Mary J Blige and Iggy Azalea.

Abbey Road Studios also offers online mixing and mastering, audio products for professional and home studio music producers, live concert recording, archiving and video services. The studios also host a select number of special events each year.

Music recorded, mixed and mastered at Abbey Road has won countless awards, including BRIT Awards, BAFTAS, Oscars, GRAMMYs, Golden Globes and Gramophone Awards.

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