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Clair Brothers Italian Distributor Partner, Prase Media Technologies, Helps Add Franz AVL and Tecnostruttura to a Growing Pro Network

VENEZIA, ITALY: Prase Media Technologies is one of the leading Italian AV distributors for audio, video, digital signal processing and professional control systems. Davide Buonasorte, Prase’s sales manager of the rental, retail and broadcast division, has overseen great progress at the company, which has recently been rewarded for its hard work with the recruitment of two fast-growing companies, Franz AVL Rent and Tecnostruttura; both now utilize Clair Brothers products at their high-level events.

For more than ten years, Franz AVL Rent, based in Senigallia, Italy, has been dedicated to servicing the touring industry, concentrating its scope on the central and northern areas of the country. The heartfelt need to reach ever higher led them directly to a new monitor system from Clair Brothers – the road-tested 1AM stage monitors. Because of the versatility of, and thus Franz’ confidence in, the 1AMs monitors, Franz could not help but want to complete the configuration with more Clair Brothers sound reinforcement gear – sixteen C12-M enclosures with 90º horizontal dispersion and twelve CS218-M subwoofers, all driven by Lab.gruppen PLM20K44 amplifiers.

For Andrea Battivello’s company, Tecnostruttura – an event installation firm operating for more than twenty years – they let elegance, style and professionalism guide its technical team in the search for a new sound system that would deliver a truly distinctive audio experience. The resulting configuration garnered them a Clair Brothers PA system composed of twelve C8-M boxes, four CS218-M subwoofers and six 1AM stage monitors. The beauty of this system is that it can be used in combination with other gear for larger events but can also act as a small sound system on its own. This new system is powered by Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers, specifically models PLM5K44, PLM12K44 and PLM20k44.

Emanuel Lovato, technical manager for Tecnostruttura, comments, “We’ve been collaborating with Clair Brothers distributor Prase for several years now. For this reason, when we felt the need to update our audio gear, we had no hesitation in turning to their technical team. Once we listened to and tested the Clair Brothers system, we immediately realized that we had found the solution perfectly in line with the quality standards that distinguish each Tecnostruttura project.”

Prase’s Buonasorte says, “We are proud and happy to have contributed to the growth of top-level companies such as Franz AVL and Tecnostruttura. We give our full support by expanding the coverage field of Clair Brothers, both in Italy and in our network in southern Europe. The importance of being interconnected with partners in the region enables us to take on increasingly large, original projects that differ from the rest, always with the security of knowing that the Clair Brothers team always responds with the highest quality of technical, personal and logistical commitment.”

ABOUT CLAIR BROTHERS Clair Brothers is a world-class sound reinforcement company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and sales of professional loudspeaker systems. Founded by Roy & Gene Clair, the company is built on a tradition of excellence with fifty-plus years in the industry as the premier choice of top artists and audio engineers. Innovative engineering and impeccable attention to detail delivers state-of-the-art audio performance from every Clair Brothers product. Their headquarters in Manheim, Pennsylvania serves as the international distribution network hub facilitating product sales and support. For more information please call (717) 665-4000 or email [email protected]



Franz AVL:

Photo Caption from top left: Davide Buonasorte, Prase sales manager; Zhirikova Farida, Franz service; Lorenzo Guerriero, Franz service; Francesco “Franz” Castania, Franz service; Matteo Barbaro, Prase product specialist; Ivan Omiciuolo, Prase product specialist; and Emanuele Luongo, Prase product specialist.