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CRAS Adds iZotope Flagship Software to Student Laptop Recording Packages

Cambridge, MA — iZotope, Inc., a leading audio technology company, has been selected by The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences (CRAS), the premier audio recording, sound engineering, and music production school based in Arizona, to include its award-winning audio software on laptops given to new students as part of its Laptop Recording Package which is included with the price of tuition. 

“Every student at CRAS will now receive the latest in technology from iZotope to complement their in-classroom studies,” says Kirt Hamm, Administrator at CRAS . “RX, Insight, and Ozone play integral parts in various areas of our broadcast, post, music, and commercial curricula.”

Ozone, RX, and Insight will be available to all students entering CRAS and be kept up to date throughout their studies.

“iZotope’s educational purchase programs have provided many schools with affordable ways to grant students access to industry-standard tools,” says Scott Simon, Business Development Director at iZotope. “We’re thrilled to enable creativity and promote professional education among students at CRAS by offering school-wide access to our technology.”

To learn more about iZotope’s educational purchase programs, email