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EAW infoComm 2012 Press Kit

InfoComm 2012 Press Kit

InfoComm 2012

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Eastern Acoustic Works® Debuts Next-Generation SUB.two 
Subwoofer System
Eastern Acoustic Works® Presents EAW City at InfoComm 2012
EAW® Offers DSA250z Digitally Steered Full-Range Loudspeaker
EAW® Previews New KF720 Line Array Module
EAW® Launches Red Certification™ Training
EAW® Launches Powercube™ Power and Processing Modules
EAW® Launches UX3600 Digital Signal Processor
Eastern Acoustic Works�� to Debut Next-Generation Avalon by EAW® 
Subwoofer System
EAW® Offers KF740 Zero Degree Adapter Accessory
Gemini Sound Takes EdgeFest 22 to the Cutting Edge with an
All-EAW® KF740 Main Stage Rig