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Eventide’s Retrospective Flashback #8 Highlights Its H969 Harmonizer®

Little Ferry, NJ – As part of its ongoing 50th Anniversary celebration, Eventide’s Flashback Series, which highlights groundbreaking legacy Eventide products that solidified the company as an audio technology leader, continues with the latest installment — Flashback #8: The H969 Harmonizer® (1984).

The H969 ProPitch Harmonizer, released in 1984 – five years after the H949 and nearly a decade after the H910 – was a complex device with a simple-to-use interface that offered the “cleanest, highest quality pitch change ever,” as stated by the user manual. The manual directed users to five innovative “experiments” they could perform to help them navigate the H969’s new features, including extended flange, repeat, reverse, and a brand-new Doppler effect. The H969 also improved the accuracy and range (a whole octave wider) of the pitch change, and allowed users to set precise, musical intervals of pitch shifting with the push of a button. The H969 was also one of the first pro audio products to feature “PRESETS” by including a set of five buttons that users could program to specific values of delay, making it easier to save and recall favorite delay settings.

Flashback #8 is the latest in the ongoing series that help celebrate Eventide’s 50th Anniversary while providing readers a true historical perspective on the company and the technology that fostered audio’s significant advances over the last five decades. The episodes feature design and application insights, photos, videos and documentation excerpts that chronicle Eventide’s ongoing quest to find unprecedented ways to bend, distort and manipulate sound.

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