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Historic Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Employs Bose® Portable L1® Systems

For a wide variety of events, Bose® L1® systems provide the right audio solution without distracting from the museum’s visuals

For a wide variety of events, Bose® L1® systems provide the right audio solution without distracting from the museum’s visuals

Framingham, Massachusetts, March 26, 2015 – A Boston landmark ever since its opening more than 100 years ago, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum stands as a testament to its namesake’s vision. Mrs. Gardner’s vast art collection and the building she modeled after a 15th century Venetian palazzo to house it, are a work of art in totality.

With the space’s visuals taking an obvious priority, a challenge can arise when it comes to sound reinforcement – wires and clunky loudspeakers can ruin the carefully-crafted aesthetic the museum presents proudly to the world. A solution was found in the L1® system from Bose® Professional Systems, providing superb sound quality with a non-distracting visual presence. Program Production Manager, Aaron Mack, puts four L1 systems to work for a wide range of activities at the museum: classical and jazz concerts, art openings, lectures, private functions and corporate events. Through each of these applications, Mack’s L1 system configurations provide the right sound while complementing the space visually, or in some cases, being out of sight completely. By combining the L1 systems with a wireless setup, Mack is able to create nearly invisible wireless sound for events from big to small, vastly improving the audio quality in these spaces and easily saving the museum thousands on outside AV costs.

Mack explains, “We do quite a few events at The Gardner, both in the original ‘Palace’ and our beautiful new wing, which houses a concert hall, exhibition space and studio. In the original building, per Mrs. Gardner’s instructions, nothing is allowed to be changed and we adhere to, and are respectful of her wishes. Hanging a big PA system would be inappropriate, but incorporating something like the L1 system fit our needs perfectly.”

Mack recommended the L1 system based on the success he had with the product in a previous position at a different venue, and everyone was on board right away. “From the moment I brought out the L1 systems, event managers appreciated the visual presentation of the system,” he recalls. “I was prepared to find ways to hide it, but in many cases the L1 system adds something visually that people really like, depending on what room we are using. In other cases, I connect the L1 systems to wireless receivers and place them in the corners of the rooms, allowing them to be a bit more hidden. When we do something in our beautiful courtyard, the L1 systems provide the right solution, and everyone can hear the audio without even really noticing the system at all. I want to thank everyone involved with the L1 system at Bose. These units have changed the game for sound reinforcement at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.”

Photo Caption: A DJ performs outdoors at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, using L1® loudspeaker systems from Bose® Professional. Photo courtesy of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. © 2014.