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Introducing the New SPA Amplifier Series from QSC

QSC addresses customer demand for amplifiers to meet the needs of the corporate AV market.

INFOCOMM BOOTH 909, Orlando, FL — QSC, a leading manufacturer of signal processing, digital signal transport, computer control systems, power amplifiers, and loudspeaker products for nearly five decades, is pleased to introduce its SPA Amplifier Series.

QSC has developed a powerful yet affordable amplifier series to meet the audio amplification needs in boardrooms, conference rooms, and other corporate spaces where multiple speakers are in use.

“We are pleased to answer requests from our loyal customers for an amplifier solution that brings the power and sensation of our live-event amplifiers into the boardroom,” said Joe Pham, President and CEO. “Our SPA Amplifier Series is Energy Star compliant and offers flexibility to integrators with two amplifier solutions. The SPA2-60 offers two channels of Low-Z output into 4Ω or 8Ωs, but it can be bridged to provide 70V or 100V output. The SPA4-60 is similar but offers more channels enabling elegant solutions like a pair of stereo channels with a single 70V or 100V output, or a Sub/Sat combination. This capability minimizes the amount of inventory and SKUs our customers need to manage for products that represent the majority of their business.”

SPA Amplifier Series features:

  • 2x 60W or 4x 60W per channel into 8Ω and 4Ω outputs.
  • Bridgeable channels to provide 120W into 70V or 100V load, eliminating the need for additional amplifiers.
  • Energy Star compliant to meet LEED certification in corporate buildings.
  • Half-rack size with unique rack mounting system for flexible mounting options in boardrooms, such as under the table, wall-mounted behind a display, or side-by-side in a credenza rack.
  • Aesthetic design that easily blends into a corporate environment.
  • Remote control capabilities for applications such as standby mode for fire and safety paging.

The SPA Amplifier Series is being demonstrated in Audio Demo Room 202A.

To learn more about the breadth of QSC audio products, visit Booth 909 at the 2015 InfoComm Show in Orlando, Florida or

About QSC

QSC Audio Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer of professional sound reinforcement solutions for installed, portable, production and cinema applications worldwide.

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