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[Los Angeles, CA] – DHDI announces: Custom Visual ZR Acoustics Devices at KB Studios

The banks of the Columbia River are home to KB Studios in Vancouver, Washington.  Gallery aesthetics in an opulent, natural environment provide the perfect setting for making music.  Mastering and Mixing as their forte’, KB is enhanced with ZR Acoustics’ Einstein quantum technology dressed in Visual Acoustics, for an inspiring mixture of Art + Acoustics.  NekroXIIIs’ artistic imagery transforms ultra-thin ZR devices into vibrant, striking works of art.

A cornucopia of hardware and software, KB fuses audio, art and acoustics.  Immersed in nature and bespeckled in beauty, it inspires and nurtures the creative process.

Kiel Bishop

ZR Acoustics® devices are well known for creating Life-Like Imaging, Extraordinary Dimensionality and Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots. DHDI’s ZR devices deliver Extreme Acoustic Resolution and produce Mastering Quality, highly transportable acoustic solutions for any room of any size, while providing the freedom and versatility to write, record, mix and master. Pair this with elegant visual acoustics for a custom-made creative space.

ZR Acoustics® Features + Benefits

  • Quantum AcousticsTM Technology
  • Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots
  • Spherical Life-Like Acoustic Imagery
  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: Over 450 NPS/ft2  (Non-Parallel Surfaces/ft2)
  • Thinnest Quantum Acoustic Device Anywhere
  • Elegant Aesthetics

“It sounds like I’m inside the music, able to reach out and touch every instrument. This is the best investment I’ve ever made in my career. I can accurately hear where my bass is sitting in the mix. My mixes are finally translating properly!” – Kiel Bishop | Studio Owner

For more information about ZR Acoustics® and to learn more about quantum acoustic devices, please visit ZR Acoustics® Products or contact DHDI. To experience the sound of ZR Acoustics® online, please watch ZR Live! at

ZR Acoustics® | The Ultimate Listening Experience

Kiel Bishop
Kiel Bishop