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DHDI announces: The Future of Cinema Sound | ZR Halo

The ZR Halo system delivers The Ultimate Listening Experience for Cinema Sound. Emissive, Direct View Cinema Screens, impermeable to sound, create the need for a new Acoustic solution. ZR Halo solves these acoustic challenges, delivering Spherical, Life-Like Imaging with Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots.

Dolby Approved. Atmos, Auro and DTS compatible, the ZR Halo system encircles the new generation of high resolution LED Screens with cinema speakers of your choice, wrapped in ZR Cloaks and Barn Doors. Every iota of ZR Halo is imbued with Extreme Acoustic Resolution and Quantum AcousticTechnology.

ZR Devices render acoustic reflections inaudible, creating a sense of air and space around every speaker, even when directly against a wall or ceiling. Acoustically neutral, No added colour, and phase accurate. Thanks to ZR Halo, Cinema LED Screens can be Massive, nearly wall to wall, ceiling to floor. Lightweight, ultra-thin and visually aesthetic, ZR Halo creates a beautiful and dramatically audible combination.

The ZR Halo is DHDI’s latest quantum solution for the Entertainment industry, exhibiting all the legendary characteristics of ZR Acoustics®

Welcome to the future of Cinema Sound.

ZR Halo and Cinema LED Screen

ZR Acoustics® Halo Features + Benefits

  • Maximum Size Cinema Screens thanks to ZR Acoustics’ Ultra Slim Profile of 1.25”
  • Atmos, Auro and DTS Plug and Play
  • No Baffle Wall | More Audience Space
  • Additional Seating | Same Size Theatre
  • Impeccable Integration with all Cinema LED Displays
  • Flawless Fit with all Cinema Audio Systems
  • Quantum AcousticsTM Technology
  • Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots
  • Spherical Life-Like Acoustic Imagery
  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: Over 450 NPS/ft2  (Non-Parallel Surfaces/ft2)
  • Singular Acoustically Neutral Solution. No added Colour.
  • Most Phase Accurate Acoustic Device Anywhere
  • Thinnest Quantum Acoustic Device Anywhere

For more information please visit ZR Halo. To learn more about quantum acoustic devices please visit ZR Acoustics® Products or contact DHDI. To experience the sound of ZR Acoustics online please watch ZR Live! at



ZR Acoustics® | The Ultimate Listening Experience