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[Los Angeles, CA] – DHDI announces: ZR Acoustics at The Record House

The Record House’s first Dolby Home Atmos Mix Suite, embraces technological innovation with acoustics and electronics. After comparing traditional and quantum acoustic solutions, The Record House chose to supercharge the room with quantum acoustics devices by DHDI. New Mobile ZR Cloaks make the Left and Right JBL speakers inaudible, eradicating 80% of first order reflections. The majority of the Atmos studio is wrapped in a Custom Design Layout (CDL) of ZR MicroTwins on the four walls and ceiling, making them inaudible from 16 hz to 160 khz.

The Record House

Founded in 2015, The Record House has a 5.1 Mix Suite and a Recording Studio in addition to its new Dolby Atmos Suite. Originally founded as a music production studio, it has transformed over time into a creative collective of award winning sonic artists: composers, sound designers, producers, engineers and mixers. The Record House, led by owner Mert Ozcan, creates strategically designed and handcrafted sound experiences to give artists, directors and organizations, a voice to tell their stories with. The Record House offers a diverse range of services including songwriting, arranging, composing, recording, sound design and mixing.

ZR Acoustics® Features + Benefits

  • Quantum AcousticsTM Technology
  • Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots
  • Spherical Life-Like Acoustic Imagery
  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: Over 450 NPS/ft2   (Non-Parallel Surfaces/ft2)
  • Acoustically Neutral Solution. No Color
  • Most Phase Accurate Acoustic Device Anywhere
  • Thinnest Quantum Acoustic Device Anywhere
  • Elegant Aesthetics

“ZR devices work wonders in my new Atmos mix room. Imaging is the main thing. There is a whole bunch of speakers firing all around you, so creating an accurate mix spot is crucial. ZR devices are able to do that without taking up half the room, while looking stylish! ZR Cloaks are a whole other beast! It’s crazy how everything becomes more clear and how the low end tightens up with those on.” – Mert Ozcan | Owner

For more information or to learn more about quantum acoustic devices, please visit ZR Acoustics® Products or contact DHDI. To experience the sound of ZR Acoustics online, please watch ZR Live! at

ZR Acoustics® | The Ultimate Listening Experience

The Record House