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Delta H Design Launches Three New ZR Screen Formats

The world’s first flexible, portable quantum acoustic device now comes in three easy-to-use options designed for podcasts, production, live P.A., post-production, music mastering and live rooms.

The original, “Classic” Screen format suspends vertically with grommets at the top edge, possessing all the legendary traits of ZR: Spherical, Life-Like Imaging, Micro-Dynamic Definition and enormous Sweet Spots.

The “Hollywood” option makes life easier to fix in a frame, with a ring of grommets around every edge. Engineered with extra internal structure to hold the tension of being fastened like a trampoline, it is only 1”, Ultra-Thin with all the performance of the original, Classic format.

Ninja” format ZR Screens have grommets on a backside spine giving users the freedom to securely hold screens in a frame when completely horizontal, suspended at multiple angles, wrapped around a space for portable ADR, VO or capture of sound effects. Like all three formats, Ninja Screens are 1” thick with all the qualities of a ZR Quantum Acoustic Device.

All three formats are available in every ZR Screen family: the original ZR Micro Screen, the high resolution ZR Hybrid Screen or the Next Generation ZR Ultra-Light Hybrid Screen. ZR Screens are all Mobile ZR: transportable effective acoustics: Anywhere, Everywhere.They are Ultra thin, Lightweight, and portable. Easy to install on C-stands, rolling C – Stands, trusses, walls, pipe and drape systems, or batons. Each ZR Screen comes with it’s own bag for transportation or storage.

ZR Acoustics® Halo Features + Benefits

  • Quantum AcousticsTM Technology
  • Wall-to-Wall Sweet Spots
  • Spherical Life-Like Acoustic Imagery
  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution
  • Most Phase Accurate Acoustic Device Anywhere
  • Thinnest Quantum Acoustic Device Anywhere
  • Handmade in the USA

For more information please visit ZR Screens. To learn more about ZR Quantum Acoustic devices please visit ZR Acoustics® Products or contact DHDI. To experience the sound of ZR Acoustics online please watch ZR Live! at

ZR Acoustics® | The Ultimate Listening Experience

The original, “Classic” Screen Delta H Design Inc.
“Hollywood” Option Delta H Design Inc.
“Ninja” Option Delta H Design Inc.
ZR Screens at ZR Live! Delta H Design Inc.