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New Symetrix SymNet Modules For Fast, Flexible Deployment With Crestron 2-Series and 3-Series Controllers

The newly enhanced selection of Crestron modules utilizes command processor architecture to maximize efficiency and responsiveness.

SEATTLE, WA — FEBRUARY 2015: Simultaneous with the introduction of the updated Version 3.0 SymNet Composer DSP configuration software, Symetrix has announced the availability of a new series of Crestron-certified SymNet control modules for use with the automation solutions provider’s 2-Series and 3-Series controllers.

While the Crestron 2-Series comprises a host of products for commercial and home control applications, the 3-Series delivers an integrated building management platform, capable of unifying the various technologies within a commercial building to operate as a single, intelligent system.

Part of a newly enhanced and expanded series, the latest SymNet control modules available for use with these two product ranges comprise: Volume Up/Down Control Module with user limits; Fader Set Control Module; Button Push Module; Preset Execution Module; Controller Receiver Module; Input/Output Selector Module; VoIP Dialler Module and ATI Dialler Module; and Speed Dial, Speed Dial Store, Delete Phone Number and Name Module.

The latest Crestron modules are compatible with SymNet Composer hardware such as SymNet Edge, Radius 12×8 EX, Radius AEC, xControl and the SymNet 2 Line Telephone Interface Card.

A command processor architecture that maximises efficiency and responsiveness is one of the primary strengths of the latest Crestron modules, according to senior product manager Trent Wagner.

“The command processor is responsible for all the data parsing to and from the SymNet DSP, which makes it more efficient for the individual control modules to operate,” he explains. “When the control IDs match a particular control module then the controller information is used and updated.”

Alongside this functionality, Wagner says that the control modules make it easy to achieve “fast and efficient implementation. Multiple faders or button controls do not significantly slow down the system, while these modules also make it easier for integrators to get a Crestron and SymNet-based design up-and-running without any hassle. We look forward to highlighting the benefits of these new modules to both Crestron and Symetrix customers as we move into what promises to be an extremely exciting 2015 for the SymNet community.”