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Roland Announces TR-8S Rhythm Performer

Roland updates TR line with eye to live production/use.

Los Angeles, CA (March 14, 2018)—Roland has announced the TR-8S Rhythm Performer, referencing its rhythm machines of years past with modern sound design features.

The TR-8S sports every sound from legacy 808, 909, 707, 727 and 606 drum machines and samples from Roland’s library, and additionally supports both mono and stereo user samples, and comes with hands-on controls and production tools. Powered by Roland’s ACB technology, each machine is a detailed, component-level model that reportedly sounds and behaves exactly like the original hardware.

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Users can pull from the TR-8S’s preset samples or import their own sounds via the SD card slot. The TR-8S also includes percussion-tuned effects for enhancing sounds with character, depth and space. A Master FX knob can be used for processing the entire kit and a control knob for each channel, and both can be custom-configured with favorite effects parameters for sound shaping on the fly.

Roland’s long-running TR-REC step sequencer returns, too. Using the 16 TR-REC buttons and velocity-sensitive performance pad, users can develop grooves and build fills with velocity, accents, flams, and adjustable sub-steps. The TR-8S sequencer is able to store 128 patterns, with eight variations and three fills contained in each.

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A stereo mix output is provided, plus six assignable audio outputs that allow individual drum sounds to be processed and mixed externally. A dedicated trigger output is included with its own sequencer track, and the assignable outputs can be reconfigured to output trigger signals if desired. Stereo audio inputs are provided as well, enabling users to connect and mix external sound sources. The TR-8S also functions as a multi-channel USB audio/MIDI interface and supports AIRA Link for interfacing with other AIRA gear.