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Roland Corporation U.S. Teams Up with Motobunny to Release First Roland Session

Rising band climbs into the FMQB Top 10

Rising band climbs into the FMQB Top 10

Los Angeles, CA Motobunny is a brand-new, Icona-Pop-Meets-Iggy-Pop, American rock n’ roll band with two dynamic front women and a debut album on Rusty Knuckles Music. They’ve been critically acclaimed and have tracks spinning on Sirius/XM as well as KROQ (L.A.) and many other radio stations around the U.S. Roland recently welcomed Motobunny into their esteemed family of artist endorsers.

Singer Christa Collins now rocks a Roland JD-Xi Interactive Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer, while co-singer Nicole Laurenne jams on a Roland AX-Synth – the custom keytar of her dreams, complete with a beautiful black sparkle finish. The band recently headed to Roland’s video studios to perform their song “Thinkin’ About Me,” as their debut in Roland’s live music performance series, Roland Sessions. Check out the video on RTV.

Currently, the band’s song “Let’s Go Out” ranks in the Top 10 on the radio industry’s FMQB Submodern Chart. For more information, visit or follow them at


Photo caption: Roland Artists Motobunny
Photo credit: Frank C. Photography