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Roland EC-10M Offers Electronic Sounds, Amplifies Acoustic Instruments, and Turns Everyday Objects into Percussive Instruments

Sound module with clip-on mic offers versatile music-making options

Sound module with clip-on mic offers versatile music-making options

CES, Las Vegas, NV — Roland (booth #18138, LVCC Central Hall) is offering the EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor, a unique and innovative tool for musicians or anyone wanting to easily create musical beats. It includes a compact and battery-powered sound module containing electronic percussion sounds plus a clip-on mic. Users can attach the mic to acoustic instruments such as guitars and cajons, as well as most everyday objects, to create electronic percussive sounds for performance, fun, or experimentation. The EC-10M can also be used to help amplify acoustic instruments.

The EC-10M contains a wide selection of electronic percussive sounds such as snare drums, cymbals, and tambourines that can be triggered by everyday objects via the included clip-on mic, turning any object into a percussive instrument. Musicians can clip the mic onto the soundhole of an acoustic cajon to enhance their performance, or on the soundhole of an acoustic guitar to accompany themselves with percussive rhythms. Players can also amplify their instrument by using the EC-10M as a preamp and sending the signal to an amp or PA system.

For convenient, hands-free use, sounds can be assigned to the onboard A/B foot pads or up to two optional Roland kick trigger pedals (KT-10, KT-9, or KD-7). The foot pads can also control an onboard looper, used to create instant percussive back-up rhythms for jamming with another instrument.