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Sanctuary Covenant Church Makes Glorious Music with Fulcrum Acoustic

After years of operating as a portable church, Sanctuary Covenant built a permanent worship center in their North Minneapolis neighborhood. They entrusted Excel AV Group to design and install a sound system to support their modern gospel music-based services.

Sanctuary Covenant is a vibrant, multi-ethnic, urban gospel church in a historically neglected North Minneapolis neighborhood. After 14 years of utilizing public school building space as a portable church, Sanctuary Covenant (The Sanctuary) built a permanent worship center in the heart of the community they serve. The church entrusted Excel AV Group to design and install a sound system to support services in which modern worship music communicates their message in a relevant and meaningful way.

The Sanctuary required a compact sound system with accurate tonal balance, high output and precise directivity.   

Excel AV Group owner Kevin Crow and engineer Brian Olson worked closely with Fulcrum Acoustic Application Assistance Service’s Rich Frembes to match a sound system to the church’s needs. “Some of the best musicians in the twin cities have played in The Sanctuary’s gospel band and we needed a slamming system that could keep up with them,” explains Crow. “The system is based on left/right flown Fulcrum AH96 full-range coaxial horns with the output to support a band that runs loud and the 90° x 60° pattern control to work with room acoustics. Two Fulcrum US221-4 dual 21-inch subwoofers are installed above the center stage lip for LF extension along with a CX1295 12-inch coax for down fill. A Fulcrum CX1226 with 120° x 60° dispersion is installed in the church lobby to match the house system when the lobby doors are open.” 

“What really strikes me about this system is that the midrange is so present and in your face and the roll-off near the stage is incredibly smooth,” enthuses Crow. “Unlike many loudspeaker companies who focus primarily on large stadium and touring venues, Fulcrum really understands the audio needs of smaller rooms. Over the years I’ve heard every rig you can imagine and this is definitely the best sounding system we’ve ever installed. The church has been singing its praises.”