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VeVa Sound Celebrates 15 Years in the Music Industry

— VeVa Sound has 15 years of experience serving a wide portfolio of clients, including all the major labels, with comprehensive archiving and monetization services —

— VeVa Sound has 15 years of experience serving a wide portfolio of clients, including all the major labels, with comprehensive archiving and monetization services —

— Recent developments reflect VeVa’s unification and expansion to a global brand with offices in Nashville, New York, Los Angeles and now London —

Nashville, TN – VeVa Sound, an industry-leading firm that works to preserve legacy recordings as well as provide artists and labels (including all the majors) with simple digital tools to facilitate ease of transfer, seamless 24/7 access, and quick and easy monetization, begins its 15th year in the music industry on September 1, 2016. Formerly operating as BMS/Chace, VeVa Sound recently adopted its current name as part of a multi-component relaunch and rebranding initiative to align the company’s name with its current solutions and future growth strategy. These efforts represent significantly expanded business endeavors (including international) and a heightened media presence, along with a brand new office in London, joining the firm’s Nashville headquarters and offices in New York and Los Angeles.

As VeVa Sound enters its 15th year, it not only implements industry standards, but creates them, for archiving and metadata collection adopted throughout the industry, working closely with such organizations as DDEX, The Recording Academy® Producers & Engineers Wing®, the Library of Congress, the Audio Engineering Society, NDSA and more. Simply put, no other company is currently doing what VeVa Sound is doing, with its wide reach, turnkey service and industry-defining methodology. VeVa Sound helps artists and labels preserve and access their recorded work, and via its intuitive searchable online database, VeVa provides simple-to-use tools that verify, validate and help monetize recordings, both new and legacy. On the eve of this key anniversary, the company has been expanding all of these services, as well as embarking on new initiatives and a more visible presence in the industry and global media at large.

Company President John Spencer and Director of Engineering John Sarappo founded BMS/Chace in Nashville in September 2002 and began assembling the firm’s core team of professionals, including Deborah DeLoach, who was added to the management team in 2004. In January 2006, operations expanded to New York City, and to Los Angeles in October 2008. In February 2009, the firm unveiled the online platform, Asset Connect, allowing clients to access all metadata and corresponding master files associated with their projects – an unprecedented service that has reshaped how the industry monetizes its content. October 2016 will see two major landmark events for VeVA: first, the firm’s London office will officially open on October 1; second, VeVa will roll out Studio Collect, the first-ever platform for producers and engineers to gather all metadata at the point of creation, in the studio – a future-proof method of ensuring proper crediting and accurate disbursement of royalties, etc., moving forward.

Deborah DeLoach, VeVa Sound Vice President, remarks, “Fifteen years is a long time in any industry, but the changes we have seen in music from 2001 to 2016 are monumental. The ways that people consume music have shifted drastically several times in this span. It is a mark of honor that VeVa Sound and its previous iteration have been able to adapt to changing tides, and indeed help steer the ship and serve our clients by offering comprehensive, intuitive tools for monetization and archiving. We are proud to be a trusted partner to our clients, and we look forward to the next 15 years and beyond.”

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Photo caption: Pictured L-R: VeVa Sound President John Spencer, Vice President Deborah DeLoach and Director of Engineering John Sarappo.