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Xavity™ AVB Connectivity Enters AVnu Certification

Xavity AVB Connectivity

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, April 2, 2013– Leading Audio Video Bridging (AVB) platform provider Lab X Technologies announces their Xavity™ Audio For Xilinx® Spartan®-6 platform is the first entry to the AVnu Pro A (professional audio) certification tests at UNH-IOL.Xavity Audio platform joins the Xavity enabled Titanium 411 ruggedized AVB switch which is being tested as part of the AVnu bridge certification program.

The Xavity Audio platform for Xilinx® Spartan®-6 is the first end station platform/product to enter AVnu Alliance’s Pro A (professional audio) certification tests for conformance and interoperability (C&I).Once successfully through the testing program, Lab X will apply for use of the AVnu certification mark to denote that Xavity is AVnu-certified.

“Forging Xavity in the fire of AVnu C&I testing will make it an even stronger platform,” states Lee Minich, president of Lab X Technologies. “Lab X continues to maintain our leading role as an AVB connectivity platform provider by Xavity being the first platform to enter testing.This underscores our tireless commitment to making Xavity the premier, robust, AVB connectivity platform for demanding applications.”Minich continues, “It’s one thing to claim ‘AVB compliant’, or a ‘path to AVB’, but AVnu certification is the only quantifiable, proof positive of true AVB conformance and interoperability.”

Lab X’s Xavity enabled Titanium 411 switch has joined other AVnu Alliance members enterprise switches in forging the way to an AVnu-certified AVB infrastructure.This separate testing regiment assures AVB bridges conform to the AVB standardsand rigorous tests defined by AVnu Alliance bridge certification program.

Xavity AVB connectivity guarantees mission critical audio and video media will coexist simultaneously on a converged Ethernet network without time consuming, manual configuration of the network infrastructure.Xavity is the foundation of all high channel AVB products shipping today.

About Lab X Technologies

Founded in 1996, Lab X Technologies, LLC is a Rochester, New York-based engineering design firm recognized as a global leader in digital AV media transport and network connectivity, with extensive experience in applying IEEE 802.1 Audio Video Bridging (AVB) and other audio networking standards.Lab X is an influential participant in the AVB community, an extremely active member of AVnu Alliance ( and fully committed to AVnu-certified AVB platforms and products.

Lab X partners with leading AV manufacturers to accelerate product development cycles, enable digital network interoperability by licensing Xavity AVB connectivity platforms, augmenting internal design teams, providing pre-engineered connectivity modules, developing innovative product concepts, and producing complete turnkey custom solutions.

For more information, please visit Lab X Technologies at

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